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Augsburg in One Day
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Augsburg was founded by the Romans more than 2000 years ago, making it one of Germany's oldest cities. The Free Imperial City's Golden Age as a centre of trade and commerce developed in the 16th century, when it was home to the mercantile families of the Fuggers and Welsers, with their world-wide connections. In addition, the town played a central role during the Reformation. The Renaissance contributed impressive buildings such as the mighty Town Hall with the Perlach Tower, the "Fuggerei" social housing complex, beautiful town houses, as well as numerous churches, among them the High Cathedral and the Basilica of Sts. Ulrich and Afra. Many famous people were born in Augsburg, so that the city on the river Lech celebrates itself as the town of Brecht and Mozart. This self-guided walking tour takes the visitor to the most important sights in the centre of Augsburg. In a single day you can experience the city's over 2000-year-old history in an entertaining and informative way - naturally with the obligatory stops to enjoy Augsburg's hospitality.

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